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  • Prime Care Solutions Private Limited
  • Prime Care Solutions Private Limited
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the complete solution.

Prime Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

an integrated facility management company

Prime Care Solutions PCS is an integrated Facility Management Company that provides solutions for all your Facility Management, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Staffing, Security, Liaison, Realty, Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and all such Admin associated services. We offer a wide range of services to various range of clients. We believe that whether we are maintaining a prestigious Multi-National Office Block, a Five Star Hotel, an Airport, a Shopping Mall or a modest Housing Society, the services we render would always be of best quality and have remained true to our core values and strategies. Service, Integrity, Performance, People and Innovation remain the key of our organization. We at PCS are committed to our work culture and consistently contribute to best uphold it. Our Quality, Safety and Environment management models that we subscribe to, have ensured that we not only meet Customer needs, we also meet their expectations and their preferences. We have designed our Systems to eliminate all possible variations in Service Quality, this alone is the most efficient way of improving the Service we provide. Our trained management team oversees each operation with a quality improvement technique that monitors and assesses quality control provides data and evaluates the progress of quality improvements and inspection schedules. When we enter into a new relationship, we take lot of efforts to understand prospective client's operations and align with them - and then train and support our employees to make a positive difference in Client's business. Our efforts will help you to take care of your people, your customers and your facilities - so you can focus on your core business activities.